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What is My Port Checker?

A free service to check if a server port is open or closed, brought to you by - professional service automation software for small/mid-sized IT service providers, MSPs and computer repair shops.

RangerMSP - Professional Services Automation software

How does My Port Checker work?

It just attempts to make a connection to the port and hostname or ip address specified.

Port closed but should be open?

Is the port blocked in the firewall configuration on your server? Commonly used firewalls include IPtables, Firewalld, CSF, Firestarter, Shorewall, Zonealarm, Comodo, UFW, pfsense etc.
Is there a hardware network firewall in front of your server which is blocking the port? Cisco, Fortigate, Checkpoint are some popular examples.
Is there some other network device blocking access to the port?
Is the calling IP or referrer (ie. our server) blocked?
Are you using port knocking on your server?
Are you sure you are checking the correct port and hostname?
Is the network cable connected to the server and to the correct socket?
Is the networking service on your server running and configured correctly?
Is the network interface (NIC) on your server working properly?
Is your server actually running?

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